Team Building

Employee Engagement

CliftonStrengths® Assessment and Workshop

What if we focused on what people do well versus what they need to improve? The CliftonStrengths® Assessment will uncover the innate talents and strengths of your teams enabling your directors to help your team achieve (even exceed) important goals more effectively.

FOCUS acronym  - Finding Original Creative Unique Solutions

Strengths-based Management and Leadership Coaching

  • Highly functioning organizations help their managers and leaders transition from “being the boss” to “coaching for success” to empower employees to higher levels of achievement.
  • According to Gallup research, in the best organizations, when compared with their peers, employees who received strengths-based development and coaching were found to have up to 18% increased performance (including performance ratings, productivity and revenue data)
Gallup Certified Strengths Coach
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Volunteer Engagement

Leadership recruitment and onboarding

  • Identify and recruit a diverse cross-section of leaders for your board and committees that reflect your community and constituents.
  • Create an effective onboarding plan for your volunteers, evaluation tools to assess their performance and impact along with the structure to ensure satisfaction with their volunteer role and activities.