Leadership And Governance

Leadership Development Drives Growth

If you could do one thing to have greater impact in your community the most productive thing you can do is to give your leadership team and your board the opportunity to get out of the weeds!

“Great leaders are people who work hard to be the best version of themselves in order to bring out the best in the people that they lead.”

~ Dr. Brian Brim, Gallup

Why does it matter?

Many Executive Directors and some board members talk about their frustration with the granular discussions about operational details during board meetings.

The board, in partnership with the CEO / Executive Director, sets the vision for the future and to do that they need to have the time and space to think about the important ways in which the organization creates the desired impact for the community.

Surely the board needs to be aware of significant changes, but just as surely, they don’t need to spend time discussing the details of your events or to which funders you plan to apply for a grant.

The Co-Creative Organization


There is plenty to unpack with this model of co-creative leadership. Positive impact happens when organizations collaborate as part of an interdependent community eco-system. Being open and inclusive to members of the community fosters productive dialogue, builds strong relationships and brings about growth for the whole community.

How do you do that?
1. Evaluate your leadership and management decision-making processes.
2. Encourage your board to become purpose-driven and inclusive.
3. Enthusiastically build trusted relationships in and around your organization.
4. Emphatically share your vision of co-creating impactful change.

This change happens over time – and like everything, the first step to take is to talk about how this could help your board, your leadership team, your staff and ultimately, your community.

Robbe and Theresa have facilitated many of these conversations and transitions. Theresa is recognized by BoardSource as a Certified Nonprofit Board Consultant.

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