(Re)-Invigorate Your Annual Giving Program Web Class

This is a web class on the important ways in which you can evaluate and upgrade
your ongoing fundraising programs including foundation and corporate support;
special events; mail appeals (snail mail and e-mail)
as well as your leadership giving programs.

This class is hosted by Theresa F. Haenn, MBA, CFRE

Successful fundraising for a nonprofit organization can be summed up in four words –

  • It is more than just sending a letter asking people for money.
  • It is more than just putting on a golf outing or dinner or walk and selling sponsorships and tickets.
  • It is more than having volunteers ask their friends for money.

Successful fundraising actually gets people excited about your mission and the impact you are having in the community and engages people in the way they want to be involved with you!

You have a story to tell about the ways in which your organization is making life better for the people you serve.

Even if you have done everything right with your letters, your events and the way you are sharing the story of your incredible impact in the community, can you say that you are where you need to be to achieve the fundraising goals you have set for this year?

The Giving USA Report (Giving USA: The Annual Report on Philanthropy for 2018 (2019), Chicago) was published in June and even they say that fundraising results are mixed. “In 2018, charitable giving experienced one of its most complex years in recent memory.” There are many reasons for this, which are included in the report, and even though they say that giving by corporations and foundations were “healthy”, giving by individuals through their estate was essentially flat and giving by individuals overall declined.

If your organization has fewer individual donors; finding it more difficult to secure foundation grants and corporate support; or your top donors are changing their pattern for making gifts, you are in very good company – at least based on the executive directors, development directors and volunteers to whom I am talking.


Getting (and KEEPING) the attention of the people you are asking to support your organization is becoming more difficult.

So, what can be done?

It is time to take a hard look at the Annual Giving Program, which is the engine for all fundraising for nonprofits. What are the activities that are the drivers of your revenue and, even more important, which activities no longer drive the kind of revenue that they once did and how can they be changed to have the needed results?

Take an hour to participate in the video class: The Secret to (RE)-Invigorating Your Annual Giving Program Even If You Have a Very Small (or All Volunteer) Development Team

The key take-aways from the class include the following:
1. Your data dashboard is the most valuable asset for the organization – make sure you are evaluating the correct data points
2. The compelling case for support drives your giving – telling your mission story to demonstrate the urgency and importance of your impact and the way you are changing lives is crucial
3. Utilizing your people (staff and volunteer) to enhance impact and effectiveness is often overlooked – just because they have done what they have done for ….. years – does it mean that they should still be doing it that way?


The class is FREE and you at the end of the hour you will be able to take an objective look to evaluate your Annual Giving Program. There isn’t anything for sale – there will be a handout for you with the key data points to gather; suggestions for compelling copy for your case for support and sample position descriptions for staff and volunteers.

My goal – to help YOU and YOUR nonprofit continue to make a difference in your community by becoming even more effective in your annual giving program.

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