How Coaching Helps


Welcome! You are taking a step that will enhance your personal and professional development.
Coaches are hired to help leaders think through challenges affecting their ability to achieve organizational and professional goals.

I work with people who want to make a difference for their family, at their organization and in the community because they give back through volunteering and contributing.

If you are thinking about how you can have an even greater impact for your charitable and nonprofit organization, volunteers, staff or even your constituents, then we should set a time to talk. We offer a complimentary discovery session and invite you to discuss your overall strategy; volunteer, board and leadership engagement and development; fundraising plans, programs and tactics; and especially your staff and volunteer management.

There are times when it is helpful to have a coach come alongside you to:

* Support you as you work to improve your fundraising program

* Help you strengthen your staff and volunteer relationships to be effective and fulfilling

* Help you strategize to achieve a goal

* Help you develop a plan for your next step

* Help you overcome a challenge and find fulfillment

I believe that all people have the potential to live a fulfilling and abundant life by overcoming negative patterns and limiting beliefs, which may keep them from thriving and achieving their goals.

As a coach, I walk alongside my clients using a structured format to engage, prod, focus and push them to consider new ways of doing things. Each client has a customized plan designed to help her or him reach specific benchmarks in a defined period of time.

My coaching philosophy is based on the North Star, which by definition is the star of the northern hemisphere toward which the axis of the earth points. It is the most stationary star in the celestial sky and the one on which early explorers charted their course. This has meaning for me, because deep down we have something that is the most important to us, it is the heart of what we seek, the point of our own internal compass.

If you are ready to:

See the “big picture” of your life
Improve and enjoy your key relationships
Take daily actions that increase your professional and personal fulfillment
Change patterns of fear and resistance that hold you back from living a full life

Our coaching services will focus on you and your relationships at home, at work, and in your community. We will identify the many different areas of your life that will help you see potential success as well as the obstacles and together we will practice strategies designed to help you work through and overcome the obstacles.

My strength is helping my clients tap into their passions and desires to build greater satisfaction. My clients break through barriers that block their ability to achieve goals, which leads to a deeper level of happiness and fulfillment for them.

As your coach, I will help you take practical action-oriented steps to transform your experience of life. You will gain clarity as you take realistic action steps to achieve your goals.

You will learn about yourself and how you can be more effective with the key people in your life. Clients focus on their underlying passions finding new areas of opportunity and ways to bring about change for their organizations, their team and even themselves.

You will find that this system of coaching is a very customized experience. You will be heard, understood, and supported, and you’ll be presented with a unique perspective and
a series of strategies to address your challenges and make important improvements.

"Theresa opened our eyes to how professional fundraising works! We are all volunteers and when we hired her, we hoped to do a major fundraising campaign. While we weren’t ready to go all out, Theresa did position us to get everything in place and move forward. The structure, policies, plans and support she provided have helped us for many years. Theresa is directly responsible for at least $80,000 in funding that we received because of the way she helped us position the importance of our project to a funder." ~ S.S.


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