Coaching is a dynamic experience built on a foundation of openness, honesty and trust.

Are you ...

Looking for new ideas to drive awareness about your mission?
Open to new strategies to involve and engage volunteers in your mission?
Considering new ways to increase revenue?
Seeking to build creativity, cohesiveness and accountability with your team?
Experiencing any roadblocks that you want to overcome?

Would you ...

Benefit from having an objective yet experienced coach help you
think through strategies so that you can achieve the goals you set?

Do you ...

Want to build more work-life balance?

Even though we have every intention to make time for big-picture thinking leading to action, the reality is that often, our days are hijacked by the urgent but not important or routine work that has to be accomplished. This may lead to long hours and overwhelming stress and frustration.

We can help you -

Avoid the stress that could lead to burning out
Build effective communication and accountability on your team
Design plans and build strategies leading to successful outcomes
Discover ways to break unproductive patterns
Leverage your strengths and resilience

Coaching services are designed for one on one conversations or small group discussions. Coaching may be included as part of an overall organizational contract or, as is often the case, a stand-alone service.

One-to-One Coaching Consultations are designed to help you -

Prepare for solicitations

Develop your team

Achieve professional development

Find personal fulfillment

Create work-life balance

Small Group Consultations are designed for -

Strategic Plan ideation and implementation

Fundraising and Development Plan implementation

Volunteer and Leadership preparation, training and support

Committee strategy implementation

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