Strengths-Based Coaching with Gallup's Clifton Strengths


What is the benefit to nonprofit organizations to leverage strengths?

Gallup has spent years researching the impact that engaged employees have on their organization’s revenue, efficiency, and the employee’s quality of life in comparison to the employees who are not engaged. What Gallup found is unsettling at best:
* Globally, only 15% of workers are engaged, 67% are not engaged and 18% are actively disengaged.
* In the US, 38% of workers are engaged, 49% are not engaged and 13% are actively disengaged.

Engaged employees are fully involved and motivated to achieve organizational goals. The ones who are not engaged are most likely the ones performing below or well-below the expectations and likely seeking a different position. The workers who are actively disengaged could be causing havoc for their departments or teams. Think of this through the single lens of the cost of employee turnover (90% to 200% of annual salary according to SHRM), and the financial impact of these statistics is staggering.

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I believe that all people have the potential to live a fulfilling and abundant life by overcoming negative patterns and limiting beliefs, which may keep them from thriving and achieving their goals.

Utilizing the Clifton Strengths Assessment tool, along with my training programs, coaching conversations and resources, you and your team will finally break down barriers and be able to have collaborative and productive outcomes. After all, less money means less mission, right?

"Theresa opened our eyes to how professional fundraising works! We are all volunteers and when we hired her, we hoped to do a major fundraising campaign. While we weren’t ready to go all out, Theresa did position us to get everything in place and move forward. The structure, policies, plans and support she provided have helped us for many years. Theresa is directly responsible for at least $80,000 in funding that we received because of the way she helped us position the importance of our project to a funder." ~ S.S.

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