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Special Offers for Clifton Strengths Assessments and Coaching Programs

More than 25 million people have taken the CliftonStrengths Assessment. Gallup has studied the impact of this assessment in conjunction with coaching, especially for the managers, and the impact that has on improving results.

Investing in professional development for your team can help you build confidence in being able to change the member’s behavior and workflow just enough to improve results.

The benefits are that:
• Teams understand which member is best suited for specific tasks.
• Collaboration is more effective because each member is aligned with their innate talents and strengths.
• Creativity is enhanced.
• The team is better positioned to react productively to challenges and changes in the situation.

CliftonStrengths Assessment
The ranked order of your 34 strengths includes details about the attributes, benefits, and blind spots of your top 10 strengths.
• Includes the Full 34 Report, your talent DNA
• Strengths Sequence Report
• Signature Theme Report
• Strengths Insight Guide
• StrengthsFinder 2.0 e-book written by Dan Rath
• Clifton Strengths E-learning module
• Bi-weekly newsletter focused on strengths development and information

Team Strengths Support
Three-month program for those organizations who feel that you have reasonable employee and team engagement and you want to offer a supportive boost to help your team and maintain quality engagement.
Month One: CliftonStrengths Assessment; Manager’s Report; 1:1 Coaching for leader and managers; Group presentation
Month Two: Team coaching, and 1:1 coaching with leaders and managers
Month Three: Team building activities and team member coaching

Creating a Strengths-based culture
Twelve-month program for the organization that is struggling with turnover and low employee engagement. The outcomes the organization can expect are:
Teams will demonstrate greater collaboration to achieve stretch goals.
Employee engagement will improve minimizing turnover and enhancing revenue generation.
Leadership will effectively demonstrate trust in their teams, compassion for their employees, stability with objectives, and set a vision that instills hope.
This engagement includes: CliftonStrengths Assessment and custom Report for Managers; Q12 Assessment; customized monthly coaching for leadership, managers and team members.

Additional benefits for all clients
Access to the Gallup website and available resources for CliftonStrengths and Team Management
E-mail support in-between sessions
Telephone, Zoom or e-mail support in-between sessions
StrengthsFinder 2.0 e-book written by Tom Rath

Includes best-practice advice for managers to lead their teams
B-weekly newsletter focused on strengths development and timely information

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