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Strengths-based coaching focuses on improving what you already do well
instead of trying to help you fix your weaknesses.

According to Gallup, one benchmark for your success is employee engagement.
In the U.S., only 38% of employees are engaged in their work.

Meaning, that for every ten employees,
fewer than four they feel that their work contributes positively
to the mission and success of the organization.

Sadly, 49% of employees are disengaged, meaning that they do not see
their efforts as an important part of the success of the organization
and they feel they may simply be pushing paper.

The remaining 13% are actively disengaged and most likely
seeking other employment or undermining the efforts of the employees who are engaged.

You know your numbers, what would this mean for you and your organization?

According to research conducted by Gallup, teams that receive strengths-based support achieve:

19% higher revenue
29% higher profits
72% lower turnover

As your organization's leader, what actions can you take
to enhance your team's performance, engagement and create positive impact?

Step 1: Understand the innate talents and strengths of each member of your team.
Step 2: Leverage team-building tools to embrace each person's talents and strengths.
Step 3: Provide opportunities to support each team member's learning and growth.
Step 4: Coach your team members to success thereby building stronger engagement.

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